Online Casino History – A Brief History of success

A brief account of the early days of online gambling
Online casino history began in the decade of 1990. In 1995 came the first online casino market and all marveled. The name of this internet based casino was Internet Casinos Inc. (in short ICI). The first virtual casino on 18 August 1995 launched. In the initial phase started this company is to operate from the islands of Turks and Caicos. Internet Casinos Inc. started its operation outside America because they feared persecution by the government of the United States of America.

Tell us a little bet more about the history of Virtual
What is the total duration of the online casino history? The answer to this question is 10 years. Casinos have always been popular worldwide among people. However, a gambling supporter, long distances to play and enjoy the fun of playing. Online casinos have helped those bettors to enjoy the games directly from home. So you do not have to move from one place to another to play virtual casino games. Some of these characteristics of the virtual casinos make it very popular among gambling lovers.

Is the online casino history absolutely smooth? Was not there any hiccups in the entire history of the internet based gambling? Yes, there were many obstacles in the path of progress whole internet-based casinos. The main obstacle that online gambling industry is, is the legal threat. Even now, the main hiccup to online betting is the U.S. UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act). Under this law, any kind of payments to online gambling is illegal in context. This law does not make online gambling illegal directly. Consequently, many online casinos have so players from the USA stopped. These are some of the hiccups faced by online gambling industry throughout the online casino history.

Now we test whether the evolutionary chronology of the online casino history

1 In 1994, a new law by the government of Antigua-Barbuda, as “The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act 1994” was passed known. Many internet-based casinos and sports books have the same license, and this license is one of the most popular licenses considered among the internet based gambling industry.

2 One of the largest providers of software in the online betting is Microgaming. It’s a huge software development company that has mastered the techniques of generating software for online betting sites. This company was founded in 1994. The following year, 1995, that another software was developed giant called CryptoLogic launched.

3 1996 has a special meaning in the online casino history. This year, the first internet based casino site that accepts real money has been started. Started in the month of October 1996 for the first time InterCasino such a virtual casino that deals with real money.

4 First Gambling Act was introduced by a U.S. Congress called Senator Jon Kyl. That was in 1998. The name of this law was Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. Thus, a company will be considered illegal if it offers betting services with the American. This law was approved by the U.S. Senate. A revised version of this law was placed in the U.S. Senate the following year, ie 1999, but this was also confirmed by the Senate down. In the same year, a renowned company named Frost and Sullivan published a research report and mentioned that online gambling is a mammoth amount of revenue of 834.5 million U.S. dollars generated.

5 Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was introduced by a congressional representative Bob Goodlatte, in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000. But this law was also voted down and it is to acquire the necessary two-thirds majority failed. In 2000, CryptoLogic had its annual report, where it was mentioned that 680,000 customers had published their system of electronic payment already in use. 2000 was a lucky year for Cryptologic. It was listed on the NASDAQ and was the symbol CRYP.

6 2004 was especially important for online gambling. This year itself, the WTO (World Trade Organization) ruled against United States on questions of law and on the side of the government of Antigua-Barbuda. According to the WTO, it is unethical and illegal for the U.S. government to restrict online gambling because it is land based casinos and horse racing betting sites to work in the U.S..

In the same year, Christiansen Capital Advisors has shown figures show that 51% of the total revenue from online betting around the world came (about U.S. $ 8.5 million) from United States of America itself.

So we can find that online casino history is not a bed of roses and is full of ups and downs.