Profits of Online Casino

In online casinos, is so much money ever changing hands. So, maybe you are wondering where all the money comes back. Looking at the perspective of the player, you can clearly see that the money “comes” easy for you, if you’re lucky, and “goes” to the house, if it’s not your lucky day. You can easily earn some money with your work, just to play again and in the casinos.

Let’s take a look at the perspective of the online casino. Do you know that they ask a lot of maintenance costs, salaries of employees, advertising, etc., where does the money come from? Does the money only circulate in the players themselves, where the winner just take them from the losers? How does the casino a profit? Well, let’s find out.

House Edge

At first glance, online casino games appear free of influence from the house, but if you would inspect the chances attentive, contains these casino games one of the most powerful source of revenue for the casino site, that is, the house advantage. While most players only wager among themselves in the casino games, the online casino is constantly collecting the house edge of each page, either a profit or a loss. But what is the house edge exactly?

The house edge is simply the difference between the true odds of all casino games, and the actual opportunities of online casino used in determining the payouts. Instead, break even, the players only a slightly lower amount paid by the casino. If you see a 5% house advantage in a game, this means that in the long run, players will lose 5% of their bankroll and the house will only pay 95% of the winners.

For example, a particular bet have a 10% or 1:10 chance of winning. The casino subject to a 5% on this bet and pays only the player 1:9.5 (like $ 9.50 for a $ 1 bet, instead of $ 10), if at all, the bet wins. So the casino is $ 0.50 to collect for each bet.

Because of this home advantage to win online casinos substantial profits, regardless of the number of players who win or lose during a period.


In some games such as online poker, there is a commission collected for each round. This can be done either a fixed flat fee or a percentage of total bets for each round. This commission in online casinos is commonly known as the rake. The rake is important for the online casino, when the house occurs only as a dealer and not winning in the position, in contrast to other table games like blackjack, craps and roulette.

Game structure

Games like online blackjack online casino players can be and is in a position to win. Aside from that, the way the games and rules are developed to give the dealer a few significant advantages. Is that the players play their cards first before the dealer’s blackjack game, the advantage of the dealer over the players. So when players bust, the dealer wins and there is no need for the dealer’s card is played.

Well, I think that the insight into how the online casinos their profit. But not just assume that they are only designed to take your money away. Consider these factors, the fee for the fun and entertainment that you can get when you play online casino games, and never got the chance to forget that you win big prizes.